Word of the Day: depurate

Non-native speakers of English use some of the coolest English words and phrases. I find that one can always learn something new about their mother tongue from someone who speaks it as an additional language.

Today, I was introduced to the word “depurate" in relation to a database that needed to be cleaned to bring an application back on-line. What a sweet word, since as a native speaker, I am initially inclined to decode the ‘de-’ as a prefix suggesting the opposite of ‘purate’, which itself has the suffix ‘-ate’ and a root that suggests "pure." So it decodes initially as "make impure" when it actually means the opposite (b/c the word is actually depur(e)-ate, not de-pur(e)-ate)

It’s a lot like “inflammable”, which is “inflamm-able” (able to easily catch fire) instead of “in-flamm-able” (not able to easily catch fire).

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